China Gives Brazil the Go-Ahead For Genetically Modified Sugarcane

Earlier on Thursday, from news reports, Brazilian agricultural minister asked for the go-ahead in the production of genetically modified sugarcane from the Chinese officials. According to the minister, this was an exclusive opportunity for the country to produce for the first time genetically modified sugarcane and export it to countries like Asia and abroad.

More so, in addition to this, apart from exporting the modified sugarcane, the agricultural minister also added that for the coming years, the sugar produced from this genetically modified sugarcane would be used across the country for many years to come. Following the GMO, on Thursday, minister Tereza Cristina in a statement told some journalists that on Wednesday. She would be visiting Brazil’s top buyer for the first time, and the good news is, she will raise all GMO issues when she visits china’s administration.

In addition to genetically modified products in Brazil, officials in the country also confirmed that, after the sugarcane is processed, an analytical team will be brought in to check for any gene traces. According to the officials, they are 100 percent sure that no gene traces will be found in the sugar.

Additionally, apart from the genetically modified sugarcane, the Brazilian officials also want a qualitative test done to soy oil, which is also produced in the country. In a statement, Dias said that, apart from exporting clean sugar, the country is considering introducing changes to the sugar processing by introducing genetically modified sugarcane.

However, the sugar being processed will not fall under the genetically improved sugar; rather, it will be an ordinary sugar; the production steps behind it will be genetically modified. Moreso, this means that the sugar produced will be the same sugar but different production methods. These methods, according to the officials, will be improved genetically.

Alfredo Epps

Alfredo Epps

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