Genus Firm Shares to Market Gene-Edited Pigs in China

In the previous years, Genus firm has been among the top firms when it comes to the production and selling of pigs within china and across the world. However, early on Tuesday, Genus firm, the British livestock genetic announced that the company has agreed on licensing it new know formula to fight a virus which affects pig primarily all over the world.

According to the firm, they have managed to develop a new gene-edited pig breed that is not affected by the virus. In addition to this, the company expects to market these gene-edited pigs across China. More so, for the initiation to start, the firm will have to wait for regulatory approval of the gene-edited pigs to come from Beijing capital since this is the world’s biggest pork market.

Accordingly, reports indicate that for decades now, Gene firm has been able to manipulate and develop a new commercialized gene-edited pig, which according to the world’s largest pig organization. These pigs can adapt and more so ready to resist PRRS, the respiratory syndrome, and porcine reproductive, which is commonly known as blue-ear disease.

According to reports and records from the previous years, the blue-ear disease causes billion-dollar losses every year when it comes to pig sales.  In addition to the approval, BCA, currently under the pig organization, is expected to set up a pig industry in Beijing Shou Nong for the future biotech Co. Ltd, which is going to fund the entire projects.

Additionally, this involves the development of the pig market and seeking approval for the newly developed gene-edited pigs. According to Genus, the entire project will cost about ten million dollars, and more so, the whole project is expected to take several years for completion.

Alfredo Epps

Alfredo Epps

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