Medicine and Biotech Immerge Out of Local Shed

IMMY manufactures, markets, and distributors innovate lines of diagnostics tests and reagents. The founder member of IMMY Company Stan Bauman in 1979 and he is the father of Scott and Sean. He had a PhD. in microbiology and immunology. Stan was teaching at the college of Kentucky when his father died. He decided to move back to Oklahoma to be closer to family. More so, to start a business.

Back in Oklahoma, there was a family land near Gold by with a tractor and a metal barn that was t in use. Because Stan was a focus on mycology, the study of fungi, he used the barn and didn’t need the tractor. He craved out a 15-foot square space where he went to work developing diagnostic tests for life-threating fungal infections.

At that time, the world’s leaders in fungal work were three, and they were Tulane University, Duke University, and the University of Oklahoma. Even though Oklahoma is at the center of the fungal science, the Oklahoma state department of health was the only source for texting and diagnosing patients with fungal infections, and this made Stan Bauman work closely with the CDC.

Sean said with the CDC’s reagents and resources and his know-how Stan started to manufacture tests; he also added that the products made from the barn Stan use to sell them for over 15 years.

The history of IMMY of 40 years is the story of moving diagnostics closer to nearer to the affected person with a worldwide concentrate on life-saving through affordable diagnostic tests. Sean said that they had a life scientist working there developing next-generation diagnostics tests.

With the availability of computer programmers, engineers working on circuitry for the artificial intelligence, IMMY’s approach is no longer traditional with more than 100 products in a marketplace than spans 70 countries where Sean and Scott are taking care of their parent’s company.

Heather Freeman

Heather Freeman

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