Santa Monica To Have A Gluten-Free, Vegan Bakery Soon.

Erin McKenna, the owner of the new Santa Monica bakery, learned to bake after discovering that on her childhood, she could not eat most dessert she came across globally. She opened the bakery back in 2005, Erin says that she had all those allergies and that her early experiment was just but to throw stuff in a bowl which eventually led her a startup for a gluten-free and vegan recipe.

Furthermore, she opened the business in New York City, where she had initially named it baby cake before transitioning it to McKenna’s bakery; this resulted from the allegation that the original name was copyright, thus leading to dispute.

Interestingly on Saturday, Erin is going to open a Santa Monica shop, which will be the second one across Los Angeles city. A shade of pink and lavender having eight tables and chairs and also a banquette of seats in a classy dining section in front of shelves and cases. Which are loaded with baked goods is what new Montana Avenue bakery made off, which is located at Larchmont Village in Los Angeles.

However, you will note a significant change in expansion as for the former bakery, and it only has bar seating. The new bakery has a breakfast menu that features pancakes, French toast, and waffles: and also a delicious cuisine having salads, pizza, roasted vegetables, cheese and mac, and an avocado toast.

Although Erin’s mission was not just giving bakery to people who could eat but to provide them with flicking fresh baking, she said this on recent talk dressed in a pink jumpsuit, which is the bakery uniform, near stacks of frosted doughnuts.

Moreover, beer and wine will be available in the new location, where the selection will be made by sommelier Ferdinando Mucerino a rustic canyon, he is a longtime customer that assisted Erin to assemble an organic vegan wine option.

Alfredo Epps

Alfredo Epps

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