We Can Consume Either White meat or Red meat.

A new report for the past few years has made most people believe red meat poses a threat to your health. If I told you to choose between red or white meat, you would go for white irrespective of red meat being you’re favorite. Reason? Popular belief says that white meat beats red meat when it comes to health issues. Moreover, everyone knows that it is only white meat that maintains your cholesterol level while red raises it.

However, a new study led by Dr. Ronald Krauss shows that eating fish, which is white meat, is as harmful as eating beef, which is red meat. This research thus counters the widespread knowledge of red meat being inferior in white meat. Dr. Krauss and his team verified this claim by testing white and red meat intake effects on lipid levels and on lipoproteins, which serve in depositing lipid droplets on arteries.

The study population on meat researchers chose comprised men and women aged from twenty-one to sixty-five years and with a bodyweight of 20-35 kilograms. The researchers then classified these into two. Group (1) comprised of people who were consumers of high-level fat while group (2) two were people with low-level saturated fats.

The researchers then assigned these participants to three groups. The first group red meat, the second group white beef, and the third group non-meat protein group. All fed on their assigned meal for 4weeks, which is an equivalent of one month.

After the operation, researchers found that meat indeed raises blood cholesterol levels than consuming an equivalent amount of plant-based proteins. Increased cholesterol levels of cholesterol do not thus depend on whether the diet has high levels of saturated fats.

Alfredo Epps

Alfredo Epps

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