Redding Doctor Makes Use Of “Avenue Medication” to Assist The Homeless

Redding, Calif. — This Redding doctor’s office is under bridges in the brush and away from most of the population.Dr. Kyle Patton practices “avenue medicine.” He goes to where his patients stay, hiking under bridges and into the woods wherever they are. He parked his truck close to the Clear Creek Bridge in South Redding, and word quickly traveled that he and his team have been there.

He also went under the bridge. A spot many people call home, where he was diagnosing and treating medical conditions out of his backpack. And he would have it no other approach. “Sometimes, I joke that I convince them to let me hike in the woods for my medical practice. However, after I decided to go to medical school, this was very much what I envisioned,” Patton stated.

First, he has to construct a relationship of trust. “An enormous part of my job goes out is actually to construct trust and assist our patients in seeing that we have one thing to supply them,” Patton defined. Patton and the team work out of Shasta Community Health Center. Some would possibly name him an “enabler” and he is he says. He is enabling his unsheltered homeless patients to get out of the camps and into homes and more healthy lives.

“I have many patients that I had an extremely close relationship with and was in a position to see them make optimistic changes in their lives as they received into their home and an extra stable living environment,” Patton added. He says the homeless face many challenges. All made worse as a result of they are unsheltered.

Heather Freeman

Heather Freeman

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